Key to any successful event and hospitality space is knowing how best to utilise its potential.



One of the key services that we provide to clients comes when a venue has started to under-perform and the business requires assistance in understanding the reasons and causes for a down-turn in sales.

Commonly we find that it is often a series of issues that has resulted in changes to the way that a venue is able to compete and perform against competitors and our primary aim is to identify these quickly and quantify the potential causes.  In order to compile and execute a strong turnaround plan we undertake a series of key assessments that will help elevate a venue and reinvigorate its performance.

Pricing structures and cost appreciation

Price will always remain a factor in a client's decision making process but cannot be looked at in isolation.  Our preferred methodology for achieving strong results is predicated on ensuring that a venue is able to offer excellent value for money.  Whilst revenue is a key factor in any turnaround, we also undertake a thorough and detailed assessment of direct costs, operating expenses and overheads in order to identify the right opportunities to increase profitability without compromising on service.

Venue operation

One of the most important aspects of running a venue is to ensure that it is operating efficiently and with the right level of internal staff and trusted suppliers.   Both front and back-of-house staff and suppliers will have a direct impact on guest experience and will shape the way that your venue and wider business is perceived.  We take a careful look at current structures to identify positive changes which will ensure that clients and guests continue to celebrate and share their experiences with potential future customers.

Sales, Marketing and Branding

The key business-critical aspects that need to be continually optimised and aligned to ensure that you are both visible  to potential customers and that they are attracted to your offer.  Please visit our pages on Sales and Marketing, and Branding for further information

Competitor assessment

One of the biggest concerns clients face is the development of challenger businessses, which ultimately can impact performance.  We'll undertake a comprehensive analysis of the current market and competitors, both known and unknown, to identify where business has transitioned to.