Waste no time in playing second-fiddle



Running an events venue, whether that be for weddings, festivals, celebrations or sporting activities is undoubtably one of the biggest growth areas for those looking to diversify their income streams or make better use of an underperforming asset.  Establishing a new venue is an exciting project and if done correctly, can be a very profitable addition to a new or existing portfolio.

In order to make the very best use of a space, whether indoors or outdoors requires careful planning to ensure a strong return on investment and long-term growth.

Venues and Ventures work alongside clients to identify a range of suitable options before them modelling the potential based on your appetite for diversification together with balancing the wider needs of your business.  To help you achieve your aims we offer the following services to ensure that you are able to deliver a timely, cost-effective model that is aligned to your broader aims:

Market analysis

Underpinning all new project work is a detailed analysis of both current and projected market trends, together a comprehensive review of existing challenger businesses working within the same sphere.

Financial modelling

We work with your project aims to produce comprehensive financial projections and can assist with cash-flow analysis, costs accountability and investment appraisals to ensure that it is the right option for your business, together with the necessary steps to mitigate potential risks.

Statutory requirements

Ideas often come quite freely but invariably a complex set of regulations and statutory requirements need to be met in order to realise the aspiration.  A significant part of our work will look at these requirements and identify the necessary steps required to ensure compliance in areas such as venue licensing, infrastructure assessments and Health & Safety.

Venue design

Whether internal or external infrastructure, we undertake a comprehensive review of your existing site and help design the optimal use to ensure an excellent client and supplier experience