Developing human capital to support your ventures



To us, the ability to create a successful venue goes far beyond the architecture, the views and investment in infrastructure, and that's why the human element is so important.  Personal engagement is what bring a place to life and conveys your stories, your values and your passion.  People are the lifeblood of a business; without people you cannot operate, without people you have no custom.

At Venues & Ventures we believe that this is key to an successful business and is one the of the areas (without being a cliché) that we are the most passionate about.

Staff training

Whether you are looking at sales, operational, experiential or systems, we are able to deliver an engaging and impactful series of training options that will enable your teams to become more confident, empowered and productive in their work.  

Leadership coaching

Leadership can be your biggest challenge.

The ability to develop leadership traits is something that as humans we innately find quite challenging and there is no panacea or model to ensure that we always pick and grow the best leaders.  We have found that coaching and mentoring is often the most successful route to really understanding how leaders can develop, and how they can better motivate and install confidence within their own teams.  Our own experiences within senior leadership roles has meant that we've always looked at how we act as leaders and continually developed our own styles, techniques and passions in order to grow some pretty amazing teams.  This is certainly something we’d love to do for you, too.


We all want the best people for the positions that we are recruiting for, that's very much the view we all take.  The reality is that with everyone looking for the same talent, you need to be able to stand out with your own offer and conduct intelligent searches to find strong candidates.  We are not a recruitment agency, but we can help you with identifying the organisational roles which we believe will help develop your business, whilst also providing assistance to you along the recruitment journey to ensure that you get the right match.

Transition Management

Teams change, people move on, businesses grow and adapt.  Adapting to change presents a set of unique challenges which can potentially be disruptive you both your staff and customers.  Venues & Ventures are able to offer support to help you manage periods of transition and allow you to focus on taking the business in a new direction or simply steady the ship whilst you ascertain your next move.